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Half-Animal Pork Pack

A Half-Animal Pork Pack contains premium Millbrook Free Range Berkshire pork cuts.

Pack typically includes: 3 Boned & Rolled Roasts and a mixture of Ribs, Belly, Rack, Loin Chops, Sausages & Bacon. 

Cuts are individually cryovac'd, perfect for immediate use, refridgeration or freezer.

– Approx 20kgs –

PRICE: $360

  • Millbrook Free Range delivers within Victoria, at an introductory flat rate of $10 per order. Orders are prepared on placement, guaranteeing freshness, and generally ships within 14 days and confirmed by Millbrook Free Range Co. on order receival.

    Please follow our Facebook page for details of meat processing dates.

    All meat is delivered by refridgerated transport and delivered to your door (or nominated address). Cuts are fresh (not frozen) and with each cut-type individually sealed by Cryovoc, ready for immediate use, refridgeration or freezing as desired.

  • Selected cuts for our range of Millbrook Mixed Packs may vary dependending from box to box depending on the quality and size of the meat etc.

    At Millbrook Free Range Co. customer care is as important to us as farming ethical, responsible and respectful produce. For more information please see our Terms & Conditions page.



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