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Our Produce

Berkshire Pork was the first product to be introduced from Millbrook Free Range Co. we can now also offer pastured eggs, grass fed beef & lamb.

A Bit About Our Pork

Proudly supporting the Heritage Bred Berkshire pig, which are bred to live outdoors. Our Millbrook Free Range ‘Berkies’ are free to roam on natural grasses and pasture, have protection from our Australian climate with open hutches and are able to live as nature intended them to, whether that be stretched out snoozing under a gum tree, digging holes or chasing each other around the paddock. Our Berkshire pigs are happy pigs which makes for very tasty pork.

Berkshire Pork is well known for its distinctive marbled meat, and therefore will be fattier than you may be used to, generally though in the cooking process, a lot of the natural ‘extra’ fat, is rendered away, leaving beautiful succulent meat.